Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ok, ok, yes I am terrible!

I know it has been a long time since I have blogged and the two, maybe three people that read this blog are up in arms about it....but I digress. You try having a child in 4th grade and a toddler who loves nothing more than to do exactly what I tell her NOT to do and then get them both ready in the morning to get out of the house. Busy, you think? I honestly thought that having the age difference would be easier. Sometimes it is, because Samantha is able to be a mini-me and help with Savannah. But, they both needs on the opposite end of the spectrum and that's hard. Anyways, now my pity party has ended and on to more interesting news. Samantha is in 4th grade! Only one more year in elementary and then it's middle school. Wow, am I having a hard time with this. 4th grade so far is just review...and learning the rules. Sam has an incredible teacher AGAIN this year. That makes 3 awesome teachers in 3 years...and everyone says bad things come in 3's. I have a feeling the homework is going to increase this year...and then I may need a tutor..ha ha. Savannah is now running, yes running at 14 months ! And most kids don't like the word NO, but she REALLY doesn't like it. This child marches to the beat of her drum and no one else's. She is into everything. "All those expensive toys...nah...I like Mommy's tupperware cabinet. Oh, and the trashcan, cause I can lift the lid and pull stuff out. Yeah, that's a good one. And the dishwasher! What a gold mine! Knives and spatulas and plates, oh my! Mom, why are you closing it? And why are you telling me THAT WORD again? Oh well, I will just go throw stuff over the baby gate that leads downstairs, including my nukkie and my cup. Mom hates that."

Here's a taste of how our day goes the few hours we are actually at home.
If there is a laundry basket in progress, you might as fold it after bedtime. Savannah LOVES clothes. Just not shopping.
We cannot unpack diapers like normal people. Nope! They have to stay in the package. Or else.
Anyways, a longer post on our trip to Mass later. Gotta start the morning routine!