Monday, May 19, 2008

She did it! She did it!

We have been anxiously awaiting Savannah to crawl. Not quite sure why, because just 2 short days later I am ready for her to sit still. We have not seriously baby-proofed yet, so we need to get going on that. But boy, you should see her move. She looks like a cross between a rabbit and a frog. She does like this all-fours-hop-thing! Very strange. But then, the kid marches to her own beat and no one else's! My hubby still thinks it's adorable, but just you wait! He WILL change his mind. Another milestone...she breaks my heart. She's one step closer to getting on that yellow bus, slamming her bedroom door, gabbing on the phone, spending all our money (wait, she does that already~just doesn't know it), ok ok I am rushing things a bit. However, she is just growing so fast. No wonder Carter's chose the slogan..."If only they would just stay little." They were right on the money.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Got Tagged!

My niece says I have been "tagged". So I am supposed to answer these questions...

5 things in my purse
  • wallet
  • multiple pens
  • pacifers
  • baby snacks
  • brush
5 things in my room
  • my california king size bed (the "big" bed)
  • my growing stack of magazines
  • a recliner
  • piles of clothes
  • piles of my husband's clothes
5 things I've always wanted to do

  • go to Ireland
  • go to Wales
  • learn how to ride horses
  • dye my hair a CRAZY color
  • run for a local political office
5 things I'm currently into
  • MySpace and finding long-lost friends
  • blogging
  • my Ipod (putting songs on it)
  • exercising
  • Webkinz
Ok, so I think I have done it successfully. We will wait for my niece's approval...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

it's the little things

Mother's Day. Flowers, cards, candy, sleeping in, love is in the air...yada yada yada. As you can probably tell, mine did not go well. But that's okay. Tomorrow is another day. We took Mama to Annapolis (the...dum dum dum...ominous music...WESTERN SHORE) for a doctor's appointment. Where shall we go to dinner? she asks, (because sure as hell I am NOT sitting in that traffic on the way home). We voted, and Mommy got outvoted. Those two, being Mom and Samantha, conspired against me to go to Red Lobster. C'mon, I am on the verge of Civililization and they want to go to Red Lobster?!?! I was thinking Macaroni Grill or Outback, but oh well. So we have been struggling at home to get Savannah to eat people food; not that processed crap Gerber makes. (We have gone organic in the way of baby food people!) I have tried diced carrots, apples, bits of pasta, etc. I even got desperate and bought her one of those Gerber-processed-crap-meals. I opened the container to find little shells and cheese that looked just like Velveeta. It did not, however, smell like it. To her credit, Savannah shot me a dirty look and promptly spit it out. Then she mumbled something that was probably a baby cuss word. Forward to today at the restaurant, I ask the waitress if she can steam me some pasta. She says "we have about that?" Before I can say a word, Mom says that would be great and shoots me a look to shut me up. Now, I knew, just KNEW Savannah was not going to eat processed food. My organic angel. So I thought to myself, Samantha can eat it and I will just give Savannah her ORGANIC baby food, albeit out of a jar. You know what is coming right? The waitress sets the dish down and I dutifully pick up a slimy noodle covered with fake cheese and blow on it to cool it. I put it in front of my O.A. and she looks at me like Are You Serious? She picks it up, puts it in her mouth, AND GOBBLES IT DOWN! The traitor! Benedict Baby! She then screams for more and I am forced to give it to her. Cut to Mama, who of course is giving me a smug I-told-you-so look. The rest of our meal went peacefully, thanks to the little slimy things called Easy Mac. If that is what it takes to make my kid eat semi-solid food and not exhibit her gag-reflex technique, then stock is what I will buy in Kraft. However, it is still processed and pure junk. But it's the little things in life right? (and I still like Velveeta...ssshh...)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

this damn election

I honestly have not paid a whole lot of attention lately to the election. The backstabbing, while I know is quite common, really grates on my nerves. I figure I have enough stress in my life that I don't need more negativity. I just read the headline that Obama won in North Carolina. Now, being from there and being raised with the racism that is still heavily prevalent, I wasn't too surprised he won. However, there are quite a few cities such as Raleigh, Charlotte, Fayetteville and others that have a bunch of transplants from other states and I am surprised that Hilary didn't have more of the vote. I usually keep my political views to myself (unless provoked =0). I have to comment tho. As much as people in this country (some) would like a woman Prez, I don't think it is gonna happen. Women are still only making a dollar to a man's four to five dollars, so does that sound like a country advanced enough for a woman? I just don't know if our country is ready. If Obama wins, though, will that ignite a bigger race war than we already have? And McCain...we are in a war we shouldn't be in already and if he wins, how much longer will we stay? See why this seems to be an impossible election? I know I shouldn't be ambivalent...this is my children's future...but I am having a hard time with this one. Coming from me, who has definite opinions on most everything (as my friends know), I am at a loss for knowledge here.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

Today is Mexican Independence Day. The only independence I see is the freedom to swill tequila like my friend N tonight! LOL! Tacos and Tequila. Lethal combo? For sure. Both can burn your stomach! We are celebrating the 5th on the 9th. Everyone is coming over and we are having enchiladas, quesadillas, sangria, and Coronas. If you think about it, nothing we are doing is really authentic. Americans have pretty much taken over traditions from other countries and made them ours. Our way or the highway, baby. All the same, Americans love an excuse to socialize, eat, and imbibe. What the hell...we just love to eat! And people wonder why this country is obese. It ought to be fun, tho. Women, screaming children, lotsa food, and a drink based on red wine and lots of it...and then the screaming children noise fades away...If you are celebrating this safe and responsible. You owe it to yourself.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Why Bother?

Yard Sales. Why bother? You drag all your stuff out...sit outside...wait...wait some person comes...wait some get the picture. I made $1 today. Well, not really, because we bought pizza for lunch. So, I didn't even break even. And I got a sunburn! My pasty white self just cooks. I am in a wee bit o' pain right now. On the plus side, we had some fabulous girl time, and Daddy got some baby time! Nuthin' wrong there!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Cynical Niece

I was so excited about starting this blog thing. I mean, I am 30 and so out of the loop where the Tech Age is concerned. Hell, I can't even stomach the music (that is what she calls it) that my youngest niece listens to. Of course I needed a FEW pointers on how to do this. My sweetheart of a niece, who will remain unnamed, begrudgingly agreed to help. She thinks I am far too old to be trying to be cool. When she was little, she thought her world spun on my axis, but that changes too quickly. We got on the phone and she proceeded to help me step-by-step.
" insert what she calls me here", why did you put the word "pee"? she says. "Because" I reply.
"No one is going to want to read it" she says cynically. When did this start? This cynicism at such a young age? Who taught her to look at the world with glasses that are not rose-colored anymore? When she was little, rainbows and bulldogs excited her beyond belief. Now it is clothes and god forbid makeup and I am just not on her list of "acceptable" people. I know she still loves me. There is still hope. Maybe when she is pushing me in a wheelchair and the only thing we have in common is elastic waistbands!

Getting going...

Have you ever realized just how difficult it is to get motivated? For instance, my friends and I are doing a Yard Sale tomorrow. I have so much, well, junk, for lack of a better word, that I could let go of. Can I get my now 15 lbs lighter behind downstairs to begin the process? Not a snowball's chance. I know what I HAVE to do, but there are always a million reasons why I couldn't.
~I have to pee.
~The baby needs to eat.
~The baby peed and needs a diaper change.
~OMG! There is a marathon of SVU on!
~Now MOMMY is hungry.
And the list goes on and on. Even the prospect of making a little cash doesn't seem to propel me to move forward. Oh well, cest la vie! Or however the French spell things. But that is a different post.


So, since my friends have joined the tech age (apparently it has been around for some time) I decided I had better get involved. "What's a blog?" my husband asks me. "Well," I reply, "I will let you know when I find out!" I am but a mere infant with this tool, but if it means keeping everyone informed of every nuance of our daily lives, then so be it. Maybe it'll be fun!