Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My little hide~n~seeker!

The light in our kitchen over the stove stays on most of the time, both at night for a night-light and during the day because I forget to turn it off. I know, I know...conserve electricity. Anyways, tonight it burned out (serves me right I guess). I wish you all could see Savannah toddling around the kitchen in the pitch-black dark. As I type, she is walking in the kitchen, and I swear she has cat vision because she hasn't bumped into a single thing or fallen at all! She is supposed to be going to bed, but she got a second wind and now is all over the place. Of course, it doesn't help that Samantha is chasing her around, riling her up. Yells from Mommy to "calm down girls" go by the wayside. You know how they say little feet go pit-pat, pit-pat? Well, that old addage is true. Add to that the sound of a diaper swishing and a little voice going "no~no ditty" (sissy) and you have got true sounds of joy in my house. Some days I love my children so much it hurts. I always always love them, but sometimes my heart aches with it. When I see Samantha kiss and hug Savannah, and I see the pure sweetness, it makes me want to cry. Sorry for waxing poetic, but sometimes I have to remark on the utter adoration I have for my children. Parents, you know this! I am blessed to have wonderful children. Add to this my nieces and nephews, and it may be crazy...but it is one hell of a ride!

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