Sunday, November 2, 2008


I realize 3o is not old. But I swear with every year that passes, the days fly by. We have but 2 months left of 2008. Nostalgia renders me speechless everytime I look at my children. Savannah does so many of the things Samantha used to do. Halloween is over, and now it is time for the holidays. It's trite, really, but where has the year gone? I am in a pensive mood today. I have been on iTunes alot lately, looking through old (to me, anyway) music, and with every song I find unexpectedly, a memory pops up. Old loves, friendships no longer available to me, people that I just wish I knew where they were now, to know they are ok. Is it a crime, when you are so happy with what you have now, to wish for days long gone? I would never trade my life now, but sometimes the memories overwhelm me with what used to be. As we head into the holiday season, which is at the same time welcoming and alarming, I treasure my memories more, and realize that there are so many new ones to be made.

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LoveLladro said...

Oh, I totally hear you on this one. When I go to the grocery store after Chase has gone to bed and it's just me... windows down... music blaring. I feel so transported back to 17 years old. I kind of long for that time but then I come home and my hubby is waiting for me... and I see my precious boy sleeping... and life here at 30 is just fine. I think looking back and longing to that time just means we did it right ;~)