Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Welcome Back to me!

Yes, I think I already told you I am a terrible blogger. But since finding out that there are people who actually READ this...I guess I need to get busy. As I type this I am listening (yes, I said listening) to the newest developmental stage of Savannah's life...screaming. To quote a dear fellow blogger...not just screaming, but "screaming that gets inside your brain". On the opposite end of this noise is Samantha yelling at Savannah "TIME out, I said TIME OUT"!!! This is what I hear on a daily basis. Geesh.
So, to update the last several months that I have been such a slacker on the blog front....Samantha is 10 now, Savannah is 2, and I am still separated. We are headed for divorce, and please don't say "I'm sorry" to me, because for the most part I'm really not. Isn't it the way it always goes...he's someone different than I thought he'd be, we want different things, yada yada. Yes, we both turned out to be different people and want different things. But most of all, I just want happiness. Just a fleeting chance at that most elusive of feelings. And I have enough respect for him that I wish him the same. All relationships have problems, and ours was, and still is, no more different than the next. However, some issues are insurmountable, and I choose not to climb that mountain. So, that's that.
I have a roommate now, and her daughter. For privacy's sake, I will call them L and H. My roomie and I were Facebook friends (damn addictive social networking site!) and it turned into a beneficial relationship for both of us. L and H moving in has been a work in progress, but for the most part it's running smoothly. It has been an adjustment for the girls and me to have roommates, but at this point in life, economically especially, it's what's needed.
I'm still at our local Y, and for now....well, I work there.
I have no great inspirational words to leave you with now...but, the duty of motherhood is calling, so I think I will write later. And NO, it won't be 7 more months!!!

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