Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

Yesterday was John's first Father's Day. We spent a lazy morning. We all got up early, thanks to the child that never sleeps, and thus went back to bed as soon as Her Highness was ready. We decided, gas prices notwithstanding, we would travel to Salisbury and use John's Outback gift card.
This card was only almost eight months old...due to the fact my husband hoards things. We went right during naptime...cringing at the thought of taking this child to a restaurant when she is in meltdown mode. However, food rules and boy, does it soothe the savage beast. Our child is a macaroni-and-cheese-aholic. She will eat any type...and Outback's rocks. They use penne pasta and a creamy cheese sauce. This ain't Kraft, baby! Savannah ate the WHOLE time! From the bread to her pasta to my pasta, she should have been bursting at the seams. So then the logic would be that she would have a bottle and sleep the whole way home, right? Wrong. She drank the bottle and then fussed and screamed and cried. A "car baby" she is not. How we make it to Massachusetts in August I do not know. If you were wondering where Sam is, she was with her Daddy this weekend...we missed her and she missed Outback! Hope that everyone spent Father's Day in the best way possible for them.

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