Saturday, June 7, 2008

It's been awhile...

Yes, I know it has been awhile. However, it is not my fault. It is my well, can't call it names (it'll hear me) my loving computer's fault. My brother, get this, used a program that allowed him to "remote in" from 400 miles away and spent 3 hours fixing this thing. You try not having internet access for nearly 2 weeks and see how you like it. I was going nuts and driving my family nuts by using their computers! I never really was computer-obsessed until almost a year ago. I could never understand the urgency. Guess what? Now I do and I am! I NEEDED my computer. It's like wearing a watch or your favorite piece of feel naked without it. So anyways, I am back and I am ecstatic! Onto the home front, Savannah is crawling, pulling herself up on everything, and trying to walk. All this in 3 weeks. She also climbed 2 stairs before Daddy decided he had quite enough with her adventuresome self and pulled her down. The funny part is, she knows the word NO but laughs like a crazy woman when you say it. Then you laugh and the whole moment is just ruined. Samantha has 2 and a half days of school left, and then it's time to figure out how to keep her occupied for summer. My baby as a fourth-grader. Where does the time go?

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