Friday, June 20, 2008

Geez, I'm Tired!

Our house has been plagued with viruses. Now, I know this is better than say, locusts, or ants or whatever, but since I started working in childcare again it seems the girls are always sick. Savannah has some type of virus that Audrey had, and it appears these two are already in cahoots with each other against the world. They share everything, even viruses! Really though, I know that childcare carries a certain stigma with sickness and everything, but I love my job. Our local Y is absolutely fantastic. We are so blessed. The people that work there really care, and there is hardly any turnover at all like other jobs. Savannah comes with me, I get to be involved in Samantha's class, (which I couldn't do as a full-timer at the bank), and I have made some truly awesome friends. Ok, so I know this post is wicked boring, but truly, I am so tired I can't see straight. My advice is this; WASH your hands well! Make your kids WASH theirs. Please.

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