Sunday, July 13, 2008

I like them, I like them!

Here is a little lighter post today than the past two. Savannah is finally trying new things. This is also important because Mommy discovered a website that leads me to think Mommy is starving the kid! This site says that when kids transition from formula to milk...they need about 1000 cals a day. Or....dum dum dum...they might wake up at night. WELL, I WONDER! Is this why Savannah won't sleep? Is she not getting enough food? Perhaps. So, I am on a mission to do six small meals a day and we will see. My goal is to try a new food at least every other day. Today we gave her blueberries. Halved, of course, for all of you who are thinking "gasp!" My first thought was, maybe I shouldn't have halved them, and the next thought was, when did she turn into a Hoover? She inhaled it really didn't matter if they were whole or not. Then I had to of course warn my husband that "what goes in, must come out" and that blueberries...they...well...I think you get the picture. He was not amused. So, new food #1 and I think I will start keeping a food journal for her. Tracking calories for a one-year-old? Am I nuts? Don't answer that!

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LoveLladro said...

LOL! So we went through that too! Only it was napping with us. We wondered why he was only sleeping for 20 minutes and a friend of mine suggested perhaps the nursing wasn't covering it and he was hungry! 4 jars a day later, I would say he was definitely hungry... although his napping still leaves little to be desired!