Sunday, July 13, 2008

Told you I was going backwards

I warned you that I was going to go backwards sometimes.
I wanted to show you our 4th of July pics. Now, how amazing
are these two? We had to have them matching, which we do
quite a bit. All American Princesses, these two. We went to Mom's for a cookout on the actual 4th before we got rained out. I know we tried a good ten minutes to get the girls to smile and look at the camera. Oh well. Enjoy them anyway!

Savannah: "Audrey, I really don't like this grass stuff!"
Audrey: "It's not so bad, Savannah."
Savannah: I can't believe you are just sitting there! You are so perfect!"
Audrey: " I just want them to take our picture so I can eat!"

Look at our tats, man! How cool! We flex our muscles and the tattoos move!

And one more for your viewing pleasure...this was actually taken on the 5th. We met some friends at Target and sat in the parking lot to watch the fireworks. (earlier post) These were all the kids who were certainly not ready to go home and go to bed after that kind of show!

Back Row: Samuel, Samantha and Big Girl Savannah
Front Row: Olivia, Matt holding Audrey, Paige, Brie, and Jordan holding Baby Savannah
Hope you had a night full of stars, stripes, and sparkles!

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LoveLladro said...

The girls look so cute in their matching outfits... and even cuter in the matching tattoos! And the tailgate full of children! Holy cow that's a lotta kids! I only recognize a handful!