Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Numero Uno for Savannah

Savannah kinda got shunted on this first birthday thing. Samantha had at least 40 people at hers. Savannah had, well, maybe 10? That's was fun. We had a Wonder Pets party. Yes, my child is addicted to TV. Blah blah all you American Academy of Pediatrics lovers. Sometimes you need your child to be distracted. Anyways, she loves Linny, Tuck and Ming-Ming too. Lemme tell you. So we decided to do the party for her and just have family. Check these out!

This is the Flyboat cake! Yes, Mommy is ambitious! If we were having a Wonder Pets party, there must be a Flyboat cake.
Every baby needs her own cake. The left is the one Mommy made, and big Sissy Samantha made the one on the right.
My child loves cake! No hesitation on her part. If it's food you got, it's what she wants!
Mema had a fit about the cake being chocolate, so we switched and gave her some of her actual birthday Flyboat cake.
Does she look like she enjoyed it? Her first birthday was memorable, and this is the reason why! And afterwards, Aunt Wanda gave her the mandatory bath! Lucky Mommy! Hope these made you smile!

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LoveLladro said...

I was wondering if you kept up with cake decorating... I remembered that you liked it! S's cake looked awesome! and Happy Birthday Savannah! (Happy Belated Birthday to my sweet Sam! I missed it in April!)