Monday, May 19, 2008

She did it! She did it!

We have been anxiously awaiting Savannah to crawl. Not quite sure why, because just 2 short days later I am ready for her to sit still. We have not seriously baby-proofed yet, so we need to get going on that. But boy, you should see her move. She looks like a cross between a rabbit and a frog. She does like this all-fours-hop-thing! Very strange. But then, the kid marches to her own beat and no one else's! My hubby still thinks it's adorable, but just you wait! He WILL change his mind. Another milestone...she breaks my heart. She's one step closer to getting on that yellow bus, slamming her bedroom door, gabbing on the phone, spending all our money (wait, she does that already~just doesn't know it), ok ok I am rushing things a bit. However, she is just growing so fast. No wonder Carter's chose the slogan..."If only they would just stay little." They were right on the money.

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