Tuesday, May 6, 2008

this damn election

I honestly have not paid a whole lot of attention lately to the election. The backstabbing, while I know is quite common, really grates on my nerves. I figure I have enough stress in my life that I don't need more negativity. I just read the headline that Obama won in North Carolina. Now, being from there and being raised with the racism that is still heavily prevalent, I wasn't too surprised he won. However, there are quite a few cities such as Raleigh, Charlotte, Fayetteville and others that have a bunch of transplants from other states and I am surprised that Hilary didn't have more of the vote. I usually keep my political views to myself (unless provoked =0). I have to comment tho. As much as people in this country (some) would like a woman Prez, I don't think it is gonna happen. Women are still only making a dollar to a man's four to five dollars, so does that sound like a country advanced enough for a woman? I just don't know if our country is ready. If Obama wins, though, will that ignite a bigger race war than we already have? And McCain...we are in a war we shouldn't be in already and if he wins, how much longer will we stay? See why this seems to be an impossible election? I know I shouldn't be ambivalent...this is my children's future...but I am having a hard time with this one. Coming from me, who has definite opinions on most everything (as my friends know), I am at a loss for knowledge here.

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