Saturday, May 3, 2008

Getting going...

Have you ever realized just how difficult it is to get motivated? For instance, my friends and I are doing a Yard Sale tomorrow. I have so much, well, junk, for lack of a better word, that I could let go of. Can I get my now 15 lbs lighter behind downstairs to begin the process? Not a snowball's chance. I know what I HAVE to do, but there are always a million reasons why I couldn't.
~I have to pee.
~The baby needs to eat.
~The baby peed and needs a diaper change.
~OMG! There is a marathon of SVU on!
~Now MOMMY is hungry.
And the list goes on and on. Even the prospect of making a little cash doesn't seem to propel me to move forward. Oh well, cest la vie! Or however the French spell things. But that is a different post.

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