Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Got Tagged!

My niece says I have been "tagged". So I am supposed to answer these questions...

5 things in my purse
  • wallet
  • multiple pens
  • pacifers
  • baby snacks
  • brush
5 things in my room
  • my california king size bed (the "big" bed)
  • my growing stack of magazines
  • a recliner
  • piles of clothes
  • piles of my husband's clothes
5 things I've always wanted to do

  • go to Ireland
  • go to Wales
  • learn how to ride horses
  • dye my hair a CRAZY color
  • run for a local political office
5 things I'm currently into
  • MySpace and finding long-lost friends
  • blogging
  • my Ipod (putting songs on it)
  • exercising
  • Webkinz
Ok, so I think I have done it successfully. We will wait for my niece's approval...

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