Tuesday, May 13, 2008

it's the little things

Mother's Day. Flowers, cards, candy, sleeping in, love is in the air...yada yada yada. As you can probably tell, mine did not go well. But that's okay. Tomorrow is another day. We took Mama to Annapolis (the...dum dum dum...ominous music...WESTERN SHORE) for a doctor's appointment. Where shall we go to dinner? she asks, (because sure as hell I am NOT sitting in that traffic on the way home). We voted, and Mommy got outvoted. Those two, being Mom and Samantha, conspired against me to go to Red Lobster. C'mon, I am on the verge of Civililization and they want to go to Red Lobster?!?! I was thinking Macaroni Grill or Outback, but oh well. So we have been struggling at home to get Savannah to eat people food; not that processed crap Gerber makes. (We have gone organic in the way of baby food people!) I have tried diced carrots, apples, bits of pasta, etc. I even got desperate and bought her one of those Gerber-processed-crap-meals. I opened the container to find little shells and cheese that looked just like Velveeta. It did not, however, smell like it. To her credit, Savannah shot me a dirty look and promptly spit it out. Then she mumbled something that was probably a baby cuss word. Forward to today at the restaurant, I ask the waitress if she can steam me some pasta. She says "we have Mac-n-Cheese...how about that?" Before I can say a word, Mom says that would be great and shoots me a look to shut me up. Now, I knew, just KNEW Savannah was not going to eat processed food. My organic angel. So I thought to myself, Samantha can eat it and I will just give Savannah her ORGANIC baby food, albeit out of a jar. You know what is coming right? The waitress sets the dish down and I dutifully pick up a slimy noodle covered with fake cheese and blow on it to cool it. I put it in front of my O.A. and she looks at me like Are You Serious? She picks it up, puts it in her mouth, AND GOBBLES IT DOWN! The traitor! Benedict Baby! She then screams for more and I am forced to give it to her. Cut to Mama, who of course is giving me a smug I-told-you-so look. The rest of our meal went peacefully, thanks to the little slimy things called Easy Mac. If that is what it takes to make my kid eat semi-solid food and not exhibit her gag-reflex technique, then stock is what I will buy in Kraft. However, it is still processed and pure junk. But it's the little things in life right? (and I still like Velveeta...ssshh...)

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