Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Cynical Niece

I was so excited about starting this blog thing. I mean, I am 30 and so out of the loop where the Tech Age is concerned. Hell, I can't even stomach the music (that is what she calls it) that my youngest niece listens to. Of course I needed a FEW pointers on how to do this. My sweetheart of a niece, who will remain unnamed, begrudgingly agreed to help. She thinks I am far too old to be trying to be cool. When she was little, she thought her world spun on my axis, but that changes too quickly. We got on the phone and she proceeded to help me step-by-step.
" insert what she calls me here", why did you put the word "pee"? she says. "Because" I reply.
"No one is going to want to read it" she says cynically. When did this start? This cynicism at such a young age? Who taught her to look at the world with glasses that are not rose-colored anymore? When she was little, rainbows and bulldogs excited her beyond belief. Now it is clothes and god forbid makeup and I am just not on her list of "acceptable" people. I know she still loves me. There is still hope. Maybe when she is pushing me in a wheelchair and the only thing we have in common is elastic waistbands!


KiKi said...

Cynical!!! Just because your bodily functions shouldn't be discussed oh come on!I was going to get you through this and why would I be pushing the wheelchair isn't that sam's or bananna's job!LOL

KiKi said...

check her out she is cool and has your blogging personality